Each investment typically goes through the following stages:

  • Business proposition

    Business plan including description of the business, industry, market and plans for future growth presented to BaltCap, first screening

  • First meeting

    Talks with the management and/or shareholders of the company; review of the business plan/investment memorandum; evaluating the project against the Funds' investment criteria and competing projects

  • Due Diligence

    Legal, financial and environmental review of the company

  • Letter or Intent

    Signing of letter of intent including the outline and main conditions of the deal and shareholders' agreement

  • Closing

    Deciding upon final terms; signing of agreements

  • 100-day plan

    Intensive initial period of systems / supply chain review and improvement; implementation of best practice

  • Monitoring

    Active involvement in the company's welfare, involvement in strategic decisions, intensive communication with the company; Project monitoring/management support/assistance

  • Exit preparation

    Engagement with intermediaries and potential acquirers; initial assessment of acquirer suitability; etc

  • Exit

    BaltCap will sell its stake in the company. Among possible exit routes are sale to strategic buyer, financial investor or IPO

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